USS Class Assessment at USS
I went for Assessment of my daughter in USS. I must say I am impressed by the hard work and dedication of the teachers. Ms. Zara & Ms. Rehana have really put great efforts in capacity & knowledge building of my kid. I was amazed by the work. Thank you for all your efforts and we as parents are highly satisfied. Also special thank you and appreciation for the Principal Ms. Rabia for being there personally to see the student's performance. This much interest is hardly seen by the higher management of schools. Special Thanks to Ms. Saira too. Much appreciated - Javeria Khan
USS Labour Day Orentation at USS
USS students were given a short briefing about the observence of International Labour Day .They learnt why Labor Day is observed worldwide its origin,dignity of labour and its acknowledgement.
USS Dance and Confidence building classes at USS
Dance and Confidence building classes were started by USS on Saturday 27th April 2013.Conducted by qualified instructor Jasmine Arandia,the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This is yet another step by USS in providing quality extra curricular activities not only to its own students but students of all other schools are also welcome to join us.
USS Grandparents Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the USS students on Wednesday 24th April 2013.Grandparents were greeted with flowers and cards prepared by their grand children who also presented songs expressing love for their grandparents. USS All the guests enjoyed the performance and appreciated the efforts carried out to provide quality education and individual care to their little ones. We thank all our guests for taking out time to make this occasion memorable. USS USS Director Alan Waller visited USS on 17th April 2013. He is visiting from the UK and keeps USS updated with the latest teaching ideas used in UK schools. He was very impressed with the high standard maintained at USS. USS I am glad that someone resourceful visits the USS team to share good practices and new innovative learning ideas. USS management knows what young children like and what incredible things they can do with the right opportunities and encouragement but there is always room for improvement...Sky is the limit. Thank you teachers for making learning a fun excercise for the kids. "Teach smarter not Harder"! - Sara Nisar USS Carnival USS Carnival “Education is the driving force for a nation to build. We should make special reforms for making education available to everyone in the country. The rural areas really need schools and this dream of ours can only become reality when we join hands with the private educational institutions; that up till now have done a magnificent job” - Tahira Latif Muslim League Senator PML-Q USS Carnival "No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. USS Carnival Join our Martial Arts Club (Open for all children ages 5-15). USS Carnival < USS Carnival The carnival was hosted by the renowned anchor, Naeem Talpur and his event management team. USS Carnival USS Crazy Carnival, purely an entertainment event for kids was sponsored by FM 100 and Mr. BOOKS USS Carnival "Excellent carnival, well organized, Activities are always good for kids." - Mr. Sadaqat Ahmad USS Carnival "I want to thank the management for sending us the invitation. And I am particularly thankful to Mrs. Samina, incharge USS Day Care for providing us the opportunity to be there. We enjoyed a lot. No doubt it was FUN to be there till start to end. My daughter Duha was very happy and enjoyed very much. I personally liked the professional way of organizing the show and games with underlying lessons. The compare of the show successfully captured the attention of visitors. Sponsorship of Mr. Books for so many gifts for the kids also appreciable" - Mrs. Farhat Khanum M/o Duha Aamir Uppal USS Carnival "USS appears to be dedicated for the purpose of education. I found them very serious people. Please keep it up" - Mr. Haider trip visit tuti fruity enjoy fun
Educational trip for oxford university press.
Painting class interactive fun effective learning Painting Class
We believe that interaction and fun are the important elements for effective learning.
Painting class interactive fun effective learning
We are proud to be an inclusive school, providing quality learning and opportunities for every child.
art activity interactive fun effective learning Art & Activity Area
Spacious & well equipped Art & Activity Area especially tailored to arouse the curiosity of the preschoolers.
learning baking fun activity interactive
Learning and baking yummy blueberry muffins at Universal School System.
organize birthday events wish celebrate
Universal School system also organize birthday parties for students because we believe that every child is unique in their own way. Students use their favorite cookie recipes to make special treats for the class, everyone sings happy birthday and somehow they always manage to be the “class leader” for the day. Indeed, it is a very special day for them.
organize birthday events wish celebrate Celebrating Biya's Birthday
Universal School System wishing Biya a very Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day.
art dance music singing movie classroom gym exercise Gym Class
We pride ourselves on our strong art, music, physical education and variety of programs designed to meet the needs of all families.
art dance music singing movie classroom
We promote children’s expression of thoughts and feelings through art, dance and music.
trip visit tuti fruity enjoy fun USS students trip to Tutti Frutti
Ice cream is a classic summer treat that satisfies sweet cravings.
trip visit tuti fruity enjoy fun
The purpose of this trip was to learn History and Ingredients of Ice Cream.
trip visit tuti fruity enjoy fun
Kids are enjoying icecream scoop of their favorite flavor.
USS Summer Camp in full swing
Summer Camp students learning a variety of new things and having loads of fun at the same time.Art & Craft, Recycling, Cleanliness & Hygiene, Kids in the kitchen, Around the world in 30 Days,Water Splash and Self-Grooming are some of our popular activities.

By playing with others in blowing bubbles or washing baby dolls, they develop social skills. At the same time, they use their minds as they explore why certain objects sink in water and others float. Children learn concepts such as empty/full, before/after, shallow/deep, and heavy/light in a hands-on way. Children learn new words that go along with water play, such as funnel, surface, float, and strain.
daycare facility caring healthy environment Universal School System also provides daycare facility for children of age 6 weeks to 12 years that remains open 7days a week
Our goal is to provide active opportunities for discovery, challenge and exploration within a happy, caring, healthy & safe environment where children gain self-confidence, selfawareness and build supportive relationship with peers.
organize birthday events wish celebrate
Toddlers “Coffee Hour “ at USS Daycare Center Guided play is an effective learning tool at Early Year Education therefore our toddlers are having a pretended Coffee party. Notice their fine grips, role play of stirring, pouring and sipping . No wonder Coffee with friends is fun for all ages…..
daycare home service activities art games Javeria Khan
I have stopped working & when I asked Hamda Shafqat Khan , "would you like to go home with me after school?", she innocently said,"Mama I love my daycare, can I stay there for sometime after school?",now that's what I call a quality facility. I am so happy with USS Day Care centre and would like my kid to spend some time with Ma'am Samina and her staff....My child is learning a lot about everything, Good manners, Socializing, Art & Life. This is the best that I am giving to her. So Hamda Shafqat Khan is staying with you after school................
McDonalds trip social physical emotional academic growth USS students trip to McDonalds
We emphasize on the social, emotional and physical well-being of the students, as well as their academic growth.
trip visit mcdonalds enjoy fun McDonald’s Play Place
A fun way to keep kids minds engaged and bodies active.
Color Week celebrate red green yellow orange day Color Week at USS
Color Week is a celebration dedicated to promoting the traditions and spirit that embody the school experience, through recreation and physical activities.
Color Week celebrate red green yellow orange day
Green Day - through recreation and physical activities we make colors fun and interesting for kids.

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